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How it works?


submit order details

You submit your URL, primary keyword and a few secondary keyword(s) that you need your page optimized for.


competitor analysis

This is the most important step. We do a detailed competitor analysis and handpick competitors that have solid on-page.



After carefully reviewing all the improvement suggestions, we go ahead and make the changes to your website.

and much more…

Single Page

upto 1500 words


Perfectly optimized page for both users and search engines

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We have years of experience working with businesses in almost every vertical. Using a combination of proven internet marketing strategies, we create campaigns that produce guaranteed results.

Get an Unfair SEO Advantage Over Your Competitors
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All of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the delivery for any reason, contact our support within 7 days of receiving your report and we will work with you to make it right.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can vary depending on the work load and number of pages you need POPtimized. But on average, it takes us 8-10 business days to complete an order.

Our service is mainly intended for local service business and lead gen websites. We occasionally do eCommerce and affiliate websites as well. It’s because the affiliate content is usually longer (anywhere between 3k-10k words) and it takes much more time to optimize it. Feel free to submit details though – we’ll take a look and get back to you either way.

No problem. We’ve already done this for clients and can do that for you as well. What we do is we copy all HTML from your website and setup a staging website on our own domain (it’s set to no-index so no duplicate content issue). Then we run the staging website through POP, make fixes and repeat until we get the perfect version.

We then go ahead and prepare a recommendation report for you to implement.

We try our best to make the staging website look as close to your website as possible. However, please note that POP score can still be off by +/- 10% when run on actual website after you’ve made the changes yourself.

Please note that there is an additional fee of $39 for this since it takes more time than usual POPtimize jobs.

The price you see is for optimizing pages that already have content up to 1500 words. If your word count is less than competitors and POP suggests adding more words, we’ll add more content for free (up to 200 words). If your word count is significantly lower than that suggested, we’ll let you know. If you want us to write content, we can do that for you for an additional fee of $15 per 500 words. ($40 per 500 words for native content).

Yes, always! Before we start working on a project, we always take backup in case something goes wrong.

As much as we’d love to, unfortunately we can’t. This is not something we can control. We only implement suggestions presented by POP based on on-page analysis of competitors already ranking well.

Primary Keyword, URL and login credentials. You may not provide login details if you need a recommendations report only.